Management Development Training and Consulting

The Camper Group is a management and organizational development consulting firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their objectives by linking employees' performance to their organization's culture, mission, values and business goals.

Custom Crafted Programs

With more than a decade of experience conducting programs on subjects that involve complex legal issues, individual values, and vulnerabilities, the Camper Group has developed effective processes for clarifying needs and reaching goals in the following areas:

Sexual Harassment Prevention   Workplace Diversity Consulting
Workplace Civility   Conflict Resolution
Stress Management   Corporate Team Building
Workplace Violence Prevention & Recovery


Working in close partnership with our clients, we use a variety of methodologies that foster professional development for individuals and bottom-line results for the organization. These include:

• Custom-Crafted Seminars • Mediation
• Follow-up Workshops • Investigations
• Coaching / Counseling • Intensive Investigation Training
• Policies and Procedures Review • Train-the-Trainer Workshops


The benefits to clients from our consulting services are both numerous and profound. Clients experience a greater ability to recruit and retain top talent, improved employee morale, and the comfort that comes from knowing there is less likelihood that they will be surprised by lawsuits. Employees benefit from more enlightened management; they experience a greater sense of safety in the workplace, and they work more effectively as part of a team.

If your organization faces critical issues in any of the above indicated areas or if you wish to be pro-active in preventing these issues from occurring, please contact the Camper Group for a complimentary initial consultation.